Tell me why I don't like Mondays - Setting intentions for the week ahead

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Tell me why I don’t like Mondays – Setting intentions for the week ahead

I Hate Mondays

Source: “I Hate Monday” by Tableatny – Under Creative Commons license

Monday Morning: Tell me why I don’t like Mondays? Don't be overwhelmed by the thought of the never-ending tasks looming for the week ahead; break your tasks down, be kind to yourself and be positive! 

It’s the start of the week and 9am kicks in, the tasks and jobs appear…

Sometimes, the “To Do List” Can feel overwhelming and never ending; bringing Mindfulness to your weekly planning can help set out your week in a positive and structured way.

Begin by setting your Intention for the week

If there's something that MUST be done, think about the timeframe it needs to be done in and the steps required to complete the task.

We can spend large amounts of time procrastinating and “over thinking” tasks that feel overwhelming. By breaking tasks down into smaller tasks and setting time frames, we can slowly move forward without feeling overwhelmed.

"It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop" Confuscius

 Set YOUR Intention for the week

Take a few minutes to write down your jobs in priority order.

Now you have a list, take a moment to close your eyes and take 3 deep inhales and tune into your thoughts. Become aware of any thoughts that arise after a few deep breaths. Once you have taken 3 deep breathes, gently open your eyes.

Did anything POP into your mind when you sat quietly for a moment and observed your thoughts?
If anything else came to your attention, check your list and add anything else that arose in those moments of calm.

Image of a checklist

Take a few minutes to write down your jobs in priority order and keep checking your list!

So, we have identified our intentions for the week and what we hope to achieve, we now need to consider how we achieve those tasks. What attitude do we bring to everything we do?

Bring a sense of kindness to yourself and let’s not be too judgemental towards ourselves. Accepting that we are “human” and we can only do so much in one day. So, smile as you think about bringing kindness and compassion to yourself and others this working week.

Our attitude to ourselves and others effects how we respond and react to situations so bringing a positive and non judgmental attitude to our day to day life helps us reduce our stress and anxiety it allows us to bring openness to our relationships.

Reframing some of our automatic negative thought processes can help shift our mindset from one of negativity and feeling overwhelmed, to a more positive approach of accepting that we can only achieve so much in a day or week. Sometimes we need to let go of tasks that can’t be completed for various different reasons.

Instead of thinking...

“I’m never going to finish this”, we can move towards thoughts of “so, with the time and resources I do have, I can do these things…”


“I’m so bad at this I can’t do it”, we can move towards a more positive thought of “I know my strengths are in other areas, but I will try my best at this task and ask someone for support”.

By making small shifts in our thinking and internal dialogue, we can begin to reduce some of our own anxieties and stress.

Write yourself One positive sentence for the week, such as...

“I am doing my best”

“I’m good with people”

"I have great ideas”

Before you start on those “Lists”, Close your eyes and bring your full awareness to your emotions. How are you feeling this Monday morning?

What emotions arise as you bring your awareness to your emotions.

Just notice, don’t change anything, just bring your awareness to your emotions with acceptance that this experience is true for you in this moment.

Can you feel this emotion in your body? Does this emotion bring any body sensations up for you?
Tightness in your chest, pain in the neck and shoulders? Changes in your breathing pattern? Just bringing awareness to your emotions and body sensations with a sense of kindness.

If you find any areas of discomfort in the body take a deep breath to those areas. 

"Our intention creates our reality" Wayne Dyer

So, Happy Monday and please remember be kind to yourself, take a deep breath in, give yourself a smile and begin your Monday morning knowing you have set your intentions. You have your attitude of kindness and compassion and in those moments of overwhelming stress, you have your breath.

SMILE it’s Monday and the start of an amazing new week.

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Much Love

Jessie x

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