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4 Week Mindfulness Course


This  ‘4 Week Mindfulness Course’ is designed to introduce and guide you through the fundamental principles & benefits of Mindfulness and how to incorporate these principles into your daily life. The course includes both “formal and Informal” guided meditations and activities to complete at home.

Includes 13 meditations, worksheets and an online Helpdesk for your mindfulness based questions.

This Mindfulness Course is designed to introduce and guide you through a 4 week course of Mindfulness practice. The course was established after extended training, supervision courses and teacher training from Shamash Alidina, author of Mindfulness for Dummies (2009), and A Mindful Way through Stress (2015).

What to expect:

In this course, I will share with you…

  • The fundamental principles of Mindfulness
  • The benefits of Mindfulness
  • What Mindfulness Practice ACTUALLY looks like
  • How to incorporate these principles into your daily life with both “formal and Informal” practices
  • Guided Meditations, both Formal and Informal
  • The exploration and reflection of your own personal Experiences
  • Activities to complete at home

You will also have access to our online help desk to ask any specific question related to your own experiences.

Course Aim:

  • To help you identify areas of Stress in your life
  • To allow you to take responsibility for some level of stress in your life without judging or criticising yourself
  • To Embrace today the Present Moment, without the constant searching for a better tomorrow
  • To offer hope that life can be experienced differently, with greater fulfilment

What's Included

Members Area

Two Body Scan Meditations
Clarifying Intentions Meditation
Mindful Eating Exercise
Mindful Pause Meditation
Two Breathing Space Meditations
Two, 3 Minute Breathing Space Meditations
Mindful Movement Exercise
Mindful Walking Exercise
Opening Awareness Meditation
Sitting Meditation

Pleasant Events Calendar
Thoughts and feelings exercise
Un-pleasant Events Calendar

Your Teacher

Jessie Hope profile picture

Jessie Hope is a UK trained Mental Health nurse with 15 years experience and practice and has spent time working in acute Mental health, adolescent forensics and as a University tutor for AUT (Auckland University of Technology).

Jessie has extensive mindfulness teacher training from Shamash Alidina, UK based bestselling author of Mindfulness for Dummies (2009), and A Mindful Way through Stress (2015). She’s also been practicing Mindfulness since 2008 in clinical settings and uses Mindfulness in her personal life to reduce the daily stress of juggling parenting and professional life as well as just life itself!

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