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What Is Mindfulness?

"Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally"
jon kabat-zinn

In our modern lives, we are often caught up in the audio & visual stimulations of TV, laptops, music and phones. The world of technology has enabled us to access more information and consumables but it has also distracted us from our senses.

Mindfulness is a way of noticing our responses to our current situations, tuning into the experience of life and learning how to bring awareness to the current moment and noticing the journey; however that feels and with an open heart and full acceptance.

We experience our place in the world through our senses... 
Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching

Mindfulness is also about how your body feels and accepting experiences as they unfold, without judgment and with curiosity while  intentionally moving away from our automatic habits (behaviours and thoughts).

Mindfulness Meditation Practice Can Result in...

Less Depression
Less Anxiety
Less Stress

Randomized control trial by the University of Surrey, School of Psychology. Results published in the Journal ‘Mindfulness’ in May 2018. 

1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise 
(No reading required...Just press play!)

Picture a beach, any beach, YOUR perfect beach with warm sunshine and a temperature that suits just you.

Imagine NO lists, NO chores, NO pending mail and just allow any thoughts to drift further and further away on the rolling waves. Imagine the suns warmth on YOUR eyelids.

Gently SMILE and take a deep breath in, slowly filling the lungs before very gently exhaling. 

SMILE to yourself and just notice how you feel in this first moment. However you feel, that’s okay. The act of tuning in and noticing our experiences is a step to a calmer and more relaxed you; taking a moment, a pause, a space to become present. This can be just the beginning into your own personal Mindfulness journey.

Still CURIOUS about Mindfulness and how we can help you, then please read on.

No? No worries. Please be kind to yourself and thanks for giving it a go. You can always come back another time. 

Why bring Mindfulness into your life?

Modern lives are busy and people are constantly trying to deal with high levels of stress in their day to day lives, while attributing blame to external factors. Mindfulness meditation practice and mindful living can enrich your daily life and enable you to take responsibility for your stress without judgment or blame.

By bringing about a better appreciation for today and an awareness of the here and now, mindfulness offers a profound realisation that simply enduring the ‘now’ and hoping for a better tomorrow will never bring a sense of happiness. This ‘awareness’ through Mindful living offers hope that life can be experienced differently and with greater fulfilment.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Reduced stress (Crane 2009)
  • Treating insomnia (Gong, Ni, Liu et al 2016)
  • Reduced depression (Segal, Williams and Teasdale 2013)
  • Increasing feelings of Self-worth and contentment (Williams and Penman 2011)
  • Increased relaxation (Clement 2008)
  • Pain management (Hayes and Smith 2005)
  • Increased levels of empathy and compassion (Irving et al 2009)
  • Preventing occupational ‘burn out’ (Irving et al 2009)

Many people (including myself), who practice mindfulness, report over time that they notice multiple benefits to mindfulness practice including greater levels of self-acceptance & self-compassion, the ability to extend kindness and compassion to others, as well as offering it inwardly to themselves, improved relationships with friends & family, an increase in the meaning of their life or spirituality and improved sleep.

If that list isn't enough to convince you to at least give Mindfulness a go, then I don't know what will!

Mindfulness Meditation Training

We offer a number of Online training options for both personal and business clients. These range from multi-week courses to small meditation packs. Please also check out our BLOG for regular updates, tips and helpful articles in the World of Mindfulness, Pilates and healthy living.

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Eileen Roos

Live Course attendee

I attended Jessie's Mindfulness Course at the beginning of the year. With the techniques I learnt at that course, I was able to let go of an area of anger and stress that I had been holding onto for the last couple of weeks.

“Our senses are like openings through which we receive all the perceptions that are then transformed into concepts and ideas”
Arnaud Desjardins in Danielle and Follmi (2003)

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Laura Brough

4 Week mindfulness, FB review

Thank you so much Jesse for introducing me to mindfulness. I have learnt so much in the last 4 weeks, mostly to be kind to myself, breathing techniques and to live in the present moment and appreciate the amazing things I have. I cannot recommend Jesse and her 4 week course enough, a very relaxed and friendly environment.

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Fiona McLaren

Hospitality lecturer at Otago Polytechnic, NZ

As a school, we were looking towards Mindfulness as a way of offering the students an insight into themselves and as a tool to help them deal with problems, rather than react adversely to them. We found Mindfulness, as facilitated by Jessie to offer much more than that. It allowed the learner to be more aware of their environment and the people within it, both colleagues and customers. We found that after mindfulness, the students were more confident and present in any given situation and more willing to learn. I have no hesitation in offering my endorsement of her good character and excellent delivery of Mindfulness.

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